Yes! It’s true! It snowed in Rome last week! This was the first snowfall Rome has seen since 2012 and we all had so much fun experiencing the snow.  Nick Pappas had never seen or been in snow before, so he was especially excited about the sudden change in weather.  Since Rome is not equipped for such snowfall, buses and other forms of public transportation were canceled for the day, so one of our tutors was unable to make it to class.  Since class was canceled, we all went outside and frolicked around in the snow for a little bit.

Last weekend, some of us took a day trip to Pompeii to marvel at the ruins, while others spent the weekend in Assisi looking at beautiful churches.  Those who went to Assisi met up with another SMC student who is studying at the Angelicum in Rome; the Pompeii group was accompanied by Camilla, an Italian business student living in the residence with us. Getting to both Pompeii and Assisi is fairly easy.  A three hour bus ride through Naples will take you straight to Pompeii and a three hour train ride up through Umbria will lead you to Assisi. It was amazing to see an entire city preserved by volcanic ash and walk along the original streets that weaved through the city.

Nick’s first time in the snow!

We have been to many, many museums and churches and seen some of the most beautiful art and architecture.  The iconic Roman landmarks are even more mesmerizing in person.; the Pantheon is spectacular and the Trevi fountain is absolutely humongous.  Most recently, we visited Santa Costanza, a church in the Nomentana area of Rome.  We toured their catacombs and saw the sarcophagus of Saint Agnes, a 12 or 13 year old martyr.  Since the Romans were heavily influenced by the Greeks, knowing a little bit of Greek came in handy when reading the engravings on the various sarcophagi.

Time is flying by so quickly! It’s hard to believe we’ve been here almost one month. Many family members and friends are visiting in March and April, so we are all looking forward to seeing them and showing them around.

A view of the Forum from the Musei Capitolini

Next week we’re visiting the Vatican Museums!