We have been in Rome almost two weeks! The first couple of days were fun, yet difficult.  Getting settled in a new country and getting a handle on your surroundings requires a lot of time, energy, and walking! After we took care of “practical” matters (bus passes, grocery shopping, etc.) we began to settle in and explore the neighborhood.

We are living in the Nomentana neighborhood of Rome, about 20 minutes from the heart of the city.  This neighborhood is filled with restaurants, stores, and churches and serves as a sanctuary when we’re tired of the big and bustling city.  We are living in a residence with many other Italian college students, all of whom are incredibly nice and welcoming. In fact, some of us are going to Pompei with them this weekend!

Classes are going well here, too.  Our classroom is located on the same floor as our rooms, so our commute is relatively quick.  Tutor Pihas is teaching our math and art/architecture class, while Susan Dawson Vasquez is our language tutor, and Mr. and Mrs. Strader are leading our seminars.  Class is definitely different since there are only seven people, but it seems like a smaller cohort allows for a more intimate seminar experience.  We are just finishing Aquinas’ Summa Theologica and then we’re onto Dante!

Getting to know Rome and Italian culture is incredibly interesting and rewarding, and we’re all looking forward to becoming more familiar with the city and language.