Congratulations to junior, Allison Wick for winning this year’s sonnet writing competition! Her sonnet, “Absurd Liars” can be found below.

Integral alum, Patrick Harrington’s sonnet received honorable mention. Read his sonnet below, too!

Fit me in your form, not my own ever
Always constrained by your own desires
It’s in your fight everyone finds treasure
If only they knew we were absurd liars

It pains me to conform to your message
Missing pieces of myself is a curse
My dialogue is brief and cut, ravaged
Why can’t we work together and converse?

I remember when there was harmony
A dance between our soulful skeletons
Never intimate, always artfully
But a lovely moment of elegance

My times with you were always a pleasure
The times past, we now find a new measure

Allison Wick

Once upon a time there was a dragon
Iambic Pentameter was his name
He drank rulebreakers blood from a flagon
All poets feared his hot and mighty flame

The dragon was a tyrant
Under his reign few poets met his demands
He squashed his foes like an ant
And ground their bones into white sand

One day a hero arose to saves us.
The armor was paper, the blade a pen
He used his steel without making a fuss
The hero was the wisest of all men

He tamed the mighty beast and bound it tight
So give thanks to the hero, the playwright

Patrick harrington